How to Grow Your Startup Through Cold Emailing

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We have sent hundreds of thousands of emails for our clients, here are are our top take ways.

But why use the cold email strategy?

It’s the lifeblood for some early-stage startups. Cold email marketing;

  1. Helps you to save some money where you trade time for early sales cash flow to get off the ground.
  2. Helps you target and send personalized messages to your desired audience.
  3. Its give you access as most decision-makers still manage their own email inboxes.
  4. ROI, the return on investment of email marketing is higher than that of social media and so many other channels.

Cold emailing is mostly profitable for B2B companies. BUT cold email is often the best way for ALL startups to build early traction, not ads or hacks.

Although most cold emails aren’t written or designed professionally, there is always a way to get people to respond and buy from you.

Here are the elements of a great cold email.

  •  Clearly indicate why you’re reaching out and how you’ll add value
  • Address a major objection upfront.
  • Add a personal touch so it seems real
  • Your first email should ask for interest, not time. & de-risk their interest by providing value.


Finding leads

The best leads are your competitor’s clients who are dissatisfied with their service or product. They’re motivated to user your product or service that your business solves and they’re already paying for it • They’re unhappy, so they’ll consider better solutions when provided with them.

How do you find them? Look for:

  • Negative comments from customers on their YouTube channels
  • Unhappy users in their support forum posts 
  • Dissatisfied customers who tweet-mention them
  • Look for featured clients your competitor’s landing pages

You can use marketing tools to find leads .

  • To find leads for ecom companies: Use ContactEcom
  • To find leads for most other business types: Use KleanLeads
  • Know the person but can’t find their email? Use Hunter io

Please Note

Write several high-level versions of your email ahead of time., this will give you ample time to A/B test them later to figure out which one has a higher conversion.

On Email Copywriting 

  •  Provide a reason for reaching out
  • Proactively handle the key objection
  • Add a personal touch to prove it’s not spam
  • One clear CTA per email
  • De-risk it. Make sure you give them a valuable offer Offer to provide value whether they buy or not.

What’s the most effective way to run your email campaigns?

  • A/B test the several email versions you had created (~100 emails/version).
  • Analyze reply rate & booked meetings rate. Then send the winning email to the rest of your list.
  • Continuously iterate on your emails.

How do you follow up?

  • Follow up once after 3 days
  •  Again after 7 days After

3 unanswered emails, you go from persistent  to pest. We believe the brand damage from spamming exceeds the benefit of a few more sales

Tools for sending emails

  • PersistIQ: Well-rounded tool with a free trial
  • MixMax: Cheap w/ Gmail integration
  • Mailshake: Best for email beginners
  • Lemlist: Similar to Mailshake  but with better personalization and email deliverability

These are the measurements you should track

  • Labor spent per purchase
  • Open rate .
  • Click-through rate 
  • Response rate.
  • Purchase rate

That’s all about cold email marketing.

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