Marketing Lessons From Walt Disney

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Walt Disney revolutionized the entertainment industry. So much, his vision is now the 24th most valuable company in the world by market cap. From storytelling to an unforgettable experience — Disney’s marketing is just as magical.

Here are some few lessons we can learn from him

1. Identity

From the jump, Disney identified Disney World as “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” As a consumer, you know what to expect when you plan your vacation at Disney. It’s going to be an immersion into a fantasy world better than reality.

2. Kids to adult

Adults are kids grown up. The right experience and you can bring the kid out of any adult. Disney is the best at this. They focus on creating a memorable experience for adults as much as they do for the kids. This creates 2-folded desire (kids and parents)

3. 360 Loop.

Disney created a 360-loop that I envy. You watch a Disney movie. You visit Disney to experience the movie in real life. You buy a toy/souvenir based on the movie on the way out. Repeat.

4. Immersion

This touches on the tweet above. Disney uses storytelling to create relationships between you and Disney characters. Where your kid can’t wait to meet Mickey. Where you feel like a kid again when you’re back at Disney.

5. Details Matter

Every little detail at Disney adds to the experience. This is because Walt Disney was obsessed with the details. For ex: Disney would corporate and park employees to ride the rides before they opened to the public.

6. Surprise

Remember Disney being “The Most Magical Place On Earth?” Imagine walking through the park, getting tapped on the shoulder by a Disney employee, and being told you just won something. AND the best part — you never signed up for any contest.

They just wanted to delight you for being at Disney. You could win something as small as skipping the line or as big as getting a full expense paid trip to Disney elsewhere.

7. Experiences that market themselves

Walt Disney coined for saying that he wanted to create experiences that marketed themselves. This meant customers reaching peak happiness at Disney. If they did, they’re sure as hell to tell a friend about it.

An overflow of imagination and nostalgia and you have an experience that keeps bringing people back.

8. Upsells
Disney’s upsell is part of the experience. Buy Disney’s passes and skip the lines. Finish a ride and purchase an action shot + souvenirs. One makes the experience better (more rides) The second makes you remember the experience.
1. Form an unforgettable identity
2. Create an experience from kids to adult
3. 360 loop (content -> Experience -> Product)
4. Immerse fans
5. Don’t forget the details
6. Surprise customers to create die-hard fans
7. Create an experience that markets itself
8. Upsell

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