Marketing Lies You’ve Been Told.

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1. Send an email to welcome your clients.

Don’t do it. People will immediately dismiss the email as spam. Instead, you should delay your welcome email for 15 to 45 minutes. The delay cuts off the subscriber’s mental link between the signup process and your email which leads to the instinct to dismiss any further emails.

2.That you should highlight only the best reviews of your products.

Reviews that aren’t perfect can result in more sales than five-star reviews. If a review has more cons than the pros but concludes that the product is worthwhile regardless, the public can see that it’s real and genuine. Therefore, don’t hide negative reviews.

3.You must send out an email every week.

The majority of newsletters should not be distributed every week. The high cadences of newsletters force writers to hurry and release less quality content. Be sure to only send the newsletter when you have something valuable to offer

4.Your startup requires a powerful affiliate  program

Referral programs like those that have grown Airbnb & Dropbox don’t work for the majority of companies. Instead, you should find your “social network* E.g. an eCommerce pet store can get dog owners to post pictures of their pets on IG and tag you.

5.Always include a message when conducting business through LinkedIn.

 Try not sending a message. People feel that you’re less fake. People are more likely to accept the invitation frequently. A templated message resembles an automated message and causes people to avoid your message.

6.If you’re unable to get profits from running ads, then your business model isn’t working.

Many startups don’t have ads that are profitable to run. They’re generally worth trying since they’re easy to test and scale. However, when they don’t work you should focus on referrals, SEO and product-led growth. social media content

7.You must go viral.

Word of Mouth is much more practical and relevant for most startups. Word of Mouth is as a result of: 

1. Eliminates obstacles or pain from people’s lives.

2. something that gives people feel dopamine-fueled joy

3. You are making something that people can’t resist sharing with others.

8.You need to do PR for when launching your product.

You don’t require an article written on TechCrunch.  What you need is an audience. This can be created along with your product.

 Build an audience in public and make content available to a group of people who want to be successful.

A single article that was written by someone who doesn’t knows you but wants you to succeed can take you a long way.

9.You should be focusing on blogging to improve SEO.

The majority of startups consider it very beneficial to create content that shows their value and also to help others. This helpful nature actually leads to a highly-effective funnel.

It is worth noting that quality content equals to more trust and in the end more sales.

 10.Great products don’t need marketing

FALSE. Even the most innovative products require marketing to reach the right customers on a large scale.

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