GDPR Privacy policy

Name: The Creative Agency


The following table shows the information you selected when filling out the privacy FORM.

Type of Information What we collect Who collects it For what reason Who uses it Stored by Shared with
Contact Information
  • Name
  • Our Website or IT support
  • Application forms
  • Website or IT support
  • Electronic File
NO one


Consent is voluntary agreement with what is being done or proposed. Consent can be either express or implied. Express consent is given explicitly, either orally or in writing. Express consent is unequivocal and does not require any inference on the part of the organization seeking consent. Implied consent arises where the consent may reasonably be inferred from the action or inaction of the individual.


We already indicated that The Creative Agency ZA does not collect any sensitive or potentially sensitive information. In the future, if we  decides to collect sensitive or potentially sensitive information we will always make sure you get express consent from our subscribers. Express consent will always be used whenever possible and in all cases when the personal information is considered sensitive.


The Creative Agency does not collect any information to complete a sale or other transaction, verify a customer’s credit, place a special order for a customer, arrange for a delivery, or process a return.


We don’t refuse to complete a transaction if the customer refuses to consent to the collection of information that isn’t necessary to complete the transaction.
If we decide later to use this information for another purpose, we have to go back and get the customer’s consent.


We collect the following information for secondary purposes, such as marketing, administering a customer loyalty program, or customer relationship management:

In these circumstances, we give the customer an opportunity to tell us if  don’t want us to use their information for that purpose. This is called an “opt-out”.


We do not  share personal information with any third party suppliers or agents: