Cities Magazine Forum wanted a user generated content site and we were tasked to deliver the job.

Cities Magazine is a magazine forum that does not produce its content. It relies on users to generate content and pays them for the content  produced depending on the number of views. Our job was to build and maintain the content system used by Cities Magazine.


To create a simple and yet highly efficient website and content management system.


✔︎ Strategy and Brainstorming of the Project
✔︎ Wireframes Design
✔︎ Content management
✔︎User management
✔︎ User acquisition 
✔︎ Project Fundraising Module Design
✔︎ Database Management
✔︎ User Experience Design
✔︎ User Interface Design
✔︎ Web Development 
✔︎ SEO Optimization
✔︎ Security
✔︎ Responsiveness


A highly converting , Secure,  SEO Optimized php website with easy to use functions for both the users and administrators.


  • User Acquisition- 1,500+ new members within the first month.
  • 3 Seconds Load Speed.
  •  (CTR) of 0.59%, which generated the high member acquisition.
  • Over 50 new articles/posts within the first one month.
  • Over $18000, paid to users within the first one month.