Color Doesn’t Matter

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Our team challenged itself to create  a social good campaign. We came up with this campaign that colors don't matter. 

We live in a society where persons with albinism are dehumanized. They are perceived as magical beings or ghosts. That’s the worst expression of marginalization and discrimination, especially in East Africa where many are killed for their body parts for use in witchcraft.
The Brief was to come up with a campaign using portraits to raise awareness and educate the society that color of the skin don’t matter. We are all the same. The superstition and stigma associated with albinism should stop. They are human beings just like us.
There is also a myth that goes around that gave us the wrong preconception about Albinism. That a person may encounter bad luck if they touch the skin of a person with albinism or turn into one. 
For this specific project, we were inspired by by Angelina D’auguste, Yulia Taits and Justin Dingwall using their passion for spreading awareness of albinisim through photography.