Design For Faati Cosmetics

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Client: Faati Cosmetics, a Nairobi based organic beauty products company.

Faati wanted new package designs for their  new organic body lotion, shampoo, hair and face cream.


Sensational and natural advertising design
Design signifying glamor and elegance.
Design signifying the natural nature of Faati.


To create something appealing, sensational and organic looking. To design something creative, simple and that tells the Faati story. 


We decided to design a  package that combines purity, luxury, nature and simplicity. White because used to represent good, moral upright and pure. Or in other words innocent and fresh.  Purple to represent wealth, luxury and royalty for the products and green to represent their organic and natural nature. Finally we put silver caps signifying glamor and elegance.


The client was able to set very high first impressions when launching the products. Impressions that have lasted until today and have reflected on the huge growth of the products today. This means that the luxurious, pure, natural and loyalty effect was immediately felt by the audience.

From The Client

“Simple and genius work from you. Our team is very happy and content. Thank you. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

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