Handwash Design For RAA Kenya

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RAA Kenya wanted four different types of package designs for their new handwashes.

Out job was to design each package differently to connect with the target audience. 

Olive and Daphne Oil Design
Rose Spirit  and Ginger Oil Design
Seaweed and Minerals Design
Xtra Care Aloe Vera and Milk Design


To design;

  1. A  Rose Spirit and Ginger Oil Package Design
  2. A Seaweed and Minerals Package Design
  3. A Olive Oil and Daphne Oil  Package Design
  4.  An Aloe Vera and Milk Package Design

All the packages needed to reflect their components, to be simple yet creative.


We first researched  the components of each brand to understand the colors and the feeling to use,

We then inquired about the target market for each brand and finalized the designs to connect with the right audiences.

Seaweed and Minerals was infused with a blue color to represent the rich blue color of the seas. As color blue also inspires  ideas of loyalty, confidence, security, and reliable authority, the brand's target audience would be high end hotels, institutions and people.

Rose Spirit and Ginger was made mostly for women. The color red because of the Rose Spirit component. Its main attraction  and audience is the female gender who love the red color.

Olive Oil and Daphne made with a yellow and green design, yellow to bring about positive and feelings of Joy and green to show sustainable and as ecologically friendly. This was designed for people who love organic and natural products.


From The Client

“We have never doubted you and we know of your habit of delivering excellence every single time. Thank you AGAIN, We know we have more work coming your way..”

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