Use these 7 tips to win at business writing

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1. Show, Don’t Tell .

Anton Chekhov said, “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” This is the “Show, Don’t Tell” technique. When writing, it’s your job to make your words come to life in the reader’s mind.

2.Replace adjectives with data.

For example: A lot of Amazon Prime Members, can be put as, 98% of Amazon Prime Members. Common adjectives do nothing for context. Replacing them with data helps the consumer mentally visualize the context. Adjectives are imprecise and don’t contribute to any decision making.

3. A great writer understands what he’s writing about.

First, study the topic. Know it from the inside out. Then write. The more you know about a topic, the more ammunition you’ll have loaded up.

4. Use repetitive words

You will see Apple use the repetition of words in the same sentence or headlines. The repetition of a word puts an emphasis on “X.” It subconsciously tells the reader this is important. For example: No noise. No fan. Just air.

5. Be clear and concise.

Mark Twain said, “Over-explanation ruins stories – express it succinctly or consider taking it out.” Want to lose a reader’s attention? Over-explain something. Nothing will disengage a reader more than reading through lines of BS. Be clear and concise.

6.Grab attention with the first sentence.

If they don’t read the first sentence then they won’t read the second. Your first sentence is your first impression. Make it engaging. Use it to keep your reader’s eyes moving.

7. Don’t appeal to everyone.

A great example is Card Aganist Humanity.

Card’s Against Humanity’s copy reflects their brand’s voice. And it’s demographic. They don’t care about the outsiders. Only about the people, they want to communicate with.


1. Show. Don’t Tell

2. Replace adjectives with data

3. Know the topic. Then write.

4. Repeat words to put an emphasis on “X”

5. Don’t over-explain anything.

6. Keep the reader’s eye moving with a killer first sentence

7. Don’t appeal to everyone

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